Theme dinner

    Theme dinner at an ethnic village

    Rs 5000/- PP all inclusive

    A latest idea to make your holidays memorable by mixing into rustic & Spartan way of village life. An ethnic village layout, cultures, way of life, experience the harsh conditions of the dwellers to survive. Away from the modern world, meager income to meet out day -today requirements of the life.


    The distance of an ethnic village is around 8-10kms from the camp. So the ride would be a judicious mix of jeep & camel. After watching the glowing sunset, you shall be transported to the village by jeep directly from the dunes. Here the hardy villagers shall welcome you in their hoary way. Cuisine purely Rajasthani but authentic. Have a close look at the kitchen, equipment & the design of the house & the setup. A veiled lady cooks the Rajasthani cuisine live. You can drape yourself into the pure village cultures. The whole atmosphere is rustic & very Spartan for a different experience.

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