Desert camping in Jaisalmer

Desert camping in Jaisalmer

Desert camping in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the Golden City of Rajasthan and is located in the heart of the Thar Desert. This is a kind of picture of the shining, alchemy, and enchanting brilliance of soft golden sand. The Thar Desert is considered the most attractive holiday destination around Jaisalmer. Well, desert camping in Jaisalmer is considered as one of the best holiday destination picks in India. The evening cultural programs with folk melodies are the centre of attraction of the Jaisalmer that will definitely touch the core of your heart. Here is some more sound information to make your trip more interesting and exploring.

The Sam sand dunes are India’s largest dune sites with a height of 30-60 metres. These dunes are popular for their breathtaking experience of sunrise and sunset around Jaisalmer. There are many desert camps in Jaisalmer where you can easily experience the beauty of nature with all your comfort and peace. These tall dunes are located on the city’s outskirts approximately at a distance of 40 km from the Jaisalmer in the “Sam” village.

Famous Jaisalmer forts

The famous golden-coloured sandstone fort of the Jaisalmer is popularly known as “Sonar Qila” and “Golden Fort”. Raj Mahal, The ornate Jain Temple, Merchant Havelis, the Laxminath Shrine and the fine gateways are the major beauty of attractions of the fort. The ancient wall of the fort is made of crenellated sandstone, because of its height and colour you can see it from the distance also. The entrance gate of the fort is made of high quality rosewood. Sonar Qila is just not the ordinary fort of India and a simple tourist attraction it is more than that, it has houses, ancient haveli, shops, and hotels where people are living for many years.

Adventure activities

There are many thrilling adventure activities and sports that you can experience in Jaisalmer such as Parasailing, Dune Bashing, Paramotoring, Quad Biking, Zip Lining, Hot Air Ballooning, and Camel Racing. You can enjoy all these different activities in the different seasons. The majority of activities can be witnessed in the annual desert festival that is held in February. Different activities hold different adventures and add more thrill to your trip. You must explore the activities as per your interest while desert safari camping in Jaisalmer.

Culture show

Jaisalmer is full of culture, it’s each and every aspect is just blessed with colourful and vibrant culture. Folk music and dance is the most essential part of Rajasthani culture and a holy reflection of past traditions and cultures. With their music and dance, they represent different social customs and traditions in their own ways. One must have to witness the beauty of Rajasthani culture in their language and traditions. Night culture show is a clear representation of its rich and holy culture, you must have to stay a night in the Jaisalmer desert camp to attend this night culture show, where you can explore the highlights of their culture with music and dance. Visit this with your friends and family for a better experience.


Campfire at night

Enjoy the culture rich show under the stars with a campfire while desert camping in Jaisalmer. It doesn’t matter where you stay in Jaisalmer, you can set there on the campfire and watch the cultural show during night time. There are many options available for staying out in these desert areas, basic tents and ultra-luxurious desert camps are ready to welcome you. Many hotels have amazing offers and attractive set-ups to make your campfire more interesting so that you can enjoy it with all your comfort.

Camel safari

If you are an adventurous person you must try camel safari. The most thrilling ride that must experience, includes the crossing of sand dunes in the Jaisalmer desert. It normally costs 1000-1800 INR per person. A single person can also take this camel safari to explore the dunes and nearby villages of the Jaisalmer at pocket-friendly prices. Professional people can be arranged by the hotel management for your trip or you can also pick an expert as per your comfort.


Jeep safari

It is considered the most safest and comfortable way to explore the beauty of the Thar Desert with family and friends. Professional and trained jeep drivers will take you and your group for the ride from Sam Sand Dunes to Jaisalmer. You can witness the breathtaking experiences through the jeep safari in the early morning to watch the sunrise. Along this, you can visit the Desert National Park and Sam village as well. This jeep safari cost 1200 to 1800 INR per person which includes exploration of the villages and Basti where you can witness the Rajasthani culture, dances and songs. You can hire any jeep service for your trip in advance through online applications in advance.

The landscapes & sightseeing

You can witness the beauty of Rajasthani culture around Jaisalmer, there are 620 villages where you can go and know more about their lifestyle, culture, and religions. They offer so much love that may definitely warm your heart with joy. For your stay villagers also offer small guesthouses with a very little amount of money. If you are one of them, who loves to explore different cultures, you should stay a night in the village and feel how down to earth they really are. These Rajasthani people are very kind and gentle.

Dinner on dunes

The idea of dinner night is amazing. Our luxury desert camp in Jaisalmer offers one of the best dinner experiences in the presence of the most magical and romantic settings. You can witness the real representation of a nomadic hunt menu with us. There are the finest and most experienced folk singers available to add more beauty to your dinner night. The beauty and magic of this night will be completely an unmatched experience of your life. More fireworks can be added to your night on your request and light up the surroundings according to your taste and the decoration is also based on the celebration you are expecting to celebrate at sand dunes. To experience the best of it, you should visit around October to March. You are coming to Jaisalmer with your pattern, this must be on your list.

Desert National Park

The desert national park is 3162 km, of which the majority of 1900 km is located in Jaisalmer, and the remainder of the park is in Barmer; the park’s boundaries extend to the Indo-Pak border. The park houses all kinds of wildlife like camels, desert fox, Bengal fox, chinkara, wolves, desert cat, and the Blackbuck; this gives you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spot so many animals in their natural habitat. Even in the brutal living conditions in the Thar desert, it has an abundance of birdlife and wildlife. Many rare species of birds can be spotted in the park, both those that have migrated along with the resident birds.

Puppet Show

Puppets, also known as Kathputli, are a prevalent source of entertainment in Rajasthan; the community of Bhats are known for the practice of the art of puppetry; they travel excessively to showcase their art. Many folktales are performed with the help of dummy dolls dressed up in bright and colorful clothing, attached to strings, which are in the hands of the puppeteer, and he moves the joints and limbs of the puppet to tell a story. Everyone enjoys the puppet shows despite their age group.

Jaisalmer War Museum​

Jaisalmer has a long history with wars; that’s why it was chosen as the location for developing a war museum. Jaisalmer war museum is, also famously known as JWM, is built to honor the contributions and sacrifices made during times of war. The museum has a curated selection of equipment, armor, vehicles, and many more things used during the war. There are numerous exhibits available that will intrigue you and encapsulate your attention. A light and sound show also takes place in the museum during the evening, which people enjoy thoroughly. 

Which is the best season to visit Jaisalmer

The winter season is the best time to visit Jaisalmer, from November to March. The climate is perfectly pleasant for enjoying all the various activities it offers like camel rides, desert safari, etc.

Climate and average weather round the year in Jaisalmer, India

Jaisalmer is humid, dry, and windy, and can the temperature fluctuates between 47° to 108° in summers. The sky is usually clear all year round, but it is recommended to visit Jaisalmer during the winters because of the extreme weather during the summers.

Can we visit Pokhran nuclear site?

No, the Pokhran nuclear site is not open for the general public to visit, but the Pokhran Fort is available for everyone.

How many days are required for Jaisalmer?

While planning for a holiday in Jaisalmer, 2 nights and 3 days is enough time to have a good time and
participate in all the activities Jaisalmer has to offer.

Is Jaisalmer worth visiting?

The desert experience in Jaisalmer is worth it, as it combines the best of both worlds; it offers solace to those looking for relaxation and is perfect for people looking for an adventure.

How can I reach Jaisalmer?

There are direct trains from Delhi, Jaipur, and Jodhpur for Jaisalmer. Or you can catch a flight to Jodhpur, and it takes 5 to 6 hours to get to Jaisalmer.

Distance from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

The distance from Delhi to Jaisalmer is around 282 km, and it will take only 4 hrs to travel via car.

Is Jaisalmer safe at night?

Best highway to reach Jaisalmer from Delhi

Best highway to reach Jaisalmer from Delhi

The best route to reach Jaisalmer from Delhi would be:
Delhi-Ajmer-Beware-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer Set off on NH 48 to Ajmer, switch to NH 58 to Beware, then NH 25-65A-25 to Jodhpur, and finally NH 125-11 will take you to Jaisalmer

Can we go camping in Jaisalmer?

Yes, camping is available in Jaisalmer is a pocket-friendly option for anyone who wants to enjoy the sand dunes of the desert Sam.

Is it worth staying in a desert camp in Jaisalmer?

Its a once in a lifetime experience of camping in the desert and experiencing the beauty firsthand. It is 100% recommended to stay in desert

camps whenever you find yourself in Jaisalmer.

What should I wear on sand dunes, Jaisalmer?

It is recommended to carry shirts, tops or clothes with full sleeves to protect yourself from sunburn and at night the temperature drops so don't forget your woolens. One should bring proper footwear like sneakers or proper breathable shoes to the sand dunes and steer away from flip flops.

Best time to visit the Jaisalmer

Winter season is the best time to witness the beauty of the Jaisalmer. In the month of October to March when there is a cold temperature between 10°C to 27°C that time nature seems perfect to everyone. 3 days of the trip will be a perfect number of days to explore the culture and nature of Jaisalmer. In this winter season, you can travel in the Thar Desert and enjoy the warm days and cold nights of the desert area with your loved ones.