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That Magical Place!

That Magical Place!


Want to feel the beauty of nature? Watch it unfold in the open at Desert Springs!

Yes! The best place to watch nature and feel in tune with it is in the desert and not in a forest. Seriously speaking!


In the vast expanse of the space; where there is no distraction at the eye level and all that is around you makes it eternally captivating to watch the most beautiful times of the day come up and go down. The sunrise and the sunset times are the most amazing things you can ever watch out for!

Before the dawn when the stars are still out there shining their light; sit out and watch the spectacular fires of light in the sky. The best part is that you shall love the cool air surrounding you and then what you get to seen is nature’s technicolor moments.

The pre dawn time starts off looking like black velvet with shining diamonds. slowly the sky turns violet and then lavender with streaks of red moving on to orange yellow and then the day sets in. The panoramic view is just surreal and totally “must experience” for you all!

Beyonce on October 22, 2016 AT 04 am

You are so right that Key West beaches are not great. We didn't realize that until we got there, ha! But we LOVED Sonmuerhtost Cafe, we ate there for lunch and dinner 🙂

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