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About Us

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There is great value in being able to say “yes” when people ask if there is anything we can do. By letting people allow us to make them feel good, we are making a world of happy people. The more environments with that atmospheric makeup we can find or create, the better. This is what keeps Priya Group going ahead and surging forward.



Desert Springs is a colony of camps wherein you can have a feel of the community life in the nomadic desert. Our camping arrangements are customized according to the purpose of the visit.


If you are a nature lover; we take you to the exact spot where the flora and fauna abounds. If history is what interests you; you will be taken to those isolated but deeply enthralling sites that were thriving communities in the bygone era. If want that adrenalin rush; we take you for dune bashing and sand boarding adventures.


If you are a group of friends or family or you are on an adventurous excursion wanting a superlative desert experience; Desert Springs is an excellent choice for you.


Upon your arrival you are welcomed in a typical Rajasthani manner. Then you are whisked away to watch the spectacular colours of the sunset sky on the camel back. After Camel Safari you can unwind in the late evening hours on maharaja style sitting arrangement whereby traditional musicians and dancers will enthrall you with their colourful and soulful Rajasthani folk music &Kalbelia dance. A sumptuous dinner follows and you can have a good night’s sleep under the quite starry sky.


Enjoy the desert experience with Desert Springs like a true Rajasthani Royal!


– Royal Welcome
– Cultural Programmes
– Nature Trips
– Jeep & Camel Safari in the Desert
– Bonfire Camps
– Sight-seeing Tours
– Shopping trips to the City
– Car Rentals
– Wifi with high-speed Internet
– Laundry Service
– On-call Doctor
All major credit cards accepted | 24×7 room service & hot/cold water supply

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Desert Safari in Jaisalmer
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